How to Handle a Coinbase Callback in PHP to Recieve Instant Bit Coin Payment Notifications

In the above screen shot of a account Merchant Settings page you will notice the field that allows you to enter a Callback URL so that you may receive instant payment notifications when you receive an order or bitcoin payment via the Coinbase payment button on your website. These can be useful to mark […]

PHP Callbacks

A callback is a function that is passed to another segment of code, service or process in order for that segment of code, service or process to call the function at some later point in time when a certain condition has been met. A typical use for a callback is handling information that is requested […]

Closures, Callbacks & Anonymous Functions

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Lamda Functions

Lambda functions or “anonymous functions,” as they are often referred to, are simply throwaway functions that can be defined at any time and are typically bound to a variable. The functions themselves only exist in the scope of the variable of which they are defined, so when that variable goes out of scope, so does […]

Closures, Callbacks & Anonymous Functions

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PHP Closures

Closures are anonymous functions and are like lambda functions, but smarter in the sense that they have the ability to interact with variables from the outside environment of where the closure is defined. They are functions created without a name, and they are generally passes and callback handlers to other functions. Added in PHP 5.3, these […]